Target Advertising Based on Unique Identifiers. Advertising you receive on our sites from third party advertisers may be targeted to you based on unique identifiers that allow anonymous tracking of your activity and interests across websites.

You may opt-out of Targeted Advertising using unique identifiers by clicking on the below opt out links from each of the advertising partners that may use unique identifiers on our sites. Your choice to opt-out will indicate to these advertising partners and service providers that you no longer wish to receive targeted advertising from their network based on your unique anonymous identifier. Please note that if you choose to opt out you will continue to receive online advertising from PCH or such other advertisers; however, these ads may not be targeted to your interests and therefore may not be as relevant to you or directed to subjects in which you are interested.

Should you wish to opt out of targeted advertising that use unique identifiers to reach you with offers of interest you will need to access and complete each of the following individual opt out links from our advertising and service provider partners:

Advertising Partner Opt Out link

Please note that the above links will opt you out of Targeted Advertising that uses unique identifiers only. For targeted advertisements and information served through the use of Cookies please see additional information from the PCH Privacy Policy:

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